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In this virtual classroom, students can reach their highest potential through a uniquely individualized learning program. Our FE exam review courses include 73 hours Lectures and Workshops based on the new NCEES reference manual and exam specifications as well as all other materials you need to prepare for FE exam and pass!
Our program is prepared in such a way to help you improve your study skills, enhance your learning capability, and improve your confidence needed to succeed. You have live interactions with other students and your instructor to ask questions and understand the concepts in depth to enhance your grade.
fe live civil courses Through our program you have access to the PassFEexam Study Group, which helps you to study with your classmates to share your experience and learn the materials faster .
Our workshops include several selected problems which has a higher chance of being on the FE exam. The instructor solves the problems step by step and provides strategies on how to tackle exam questions.
The best part of the live class is that students will have access to the recorded version of the live class after each session. This way you can watch the videos as many times as you wish to master the concepts. In addition, if you had any other questions after you watched the videos, you can ask your questions from your instructor.
Every session, first the instructor teaches the subjects using PowerPoints, animated figures and videos to make the concepts clear . Then, students will get a few minutes to solve similar problems after each topic to fully understand the concepts.
We Guarantee you Pass the FE exam or you can repeat for Free!
  • You will learn the tips and strategies to Ace your FE exam
  • We gathered all techniques you need to deeply understand the concepts
  • We monitor your progress and provide feedback to help you improve your weakness
  • Time management during the exam is one the most important skills that you will learn during the courses
  • We focus only what you need to know for the FE exam
  • Live interaction with your classmates and instructor
  • Group class, but Private attention

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