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FE exam Calculator Training

Prepare for FE exam (Nationwide)
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Calculator is a powerful tool and knowing how to use it can significantly enhance your grade. However, most of the students don’t know how or when to use their calculators. Our instructors are aware of that and they cover some of these strategies in their lectures. Therefore, we received several requests from our students to create a learning video calculator to show all the tips and strategies of using calculator to Ace their exam.
You can watch the learning video calculator and follow along with the online sessions at your own pace anytime and anywhere you wish. In each lesson the instructor provides step-by-step instructions on the calculator functions most likely to be used on exam day. We only focus on what you need to know for the FE exam.
The package includes workshops which is selected problems solved by the professor. By watching this part, you will learn how effectively use your calculator to solve a problem. The instructor provides some tips on how and when to use your calculator.

The learning calculator and workshop are good for anyone who wants to Ace the FE exam. No matter what calculator you use, Casio fx 115es plus or TI-30X, make sure to master yourself in the functions we talk in the lectures and solve the workshop using your calculator. Remember the best FE exam calculator is the one that you are most familiar with.
  • Learn how to use your calculator in less than one hour.
  • Solving 30 selected problems to help you with the strategies on when and how to use your calculator to enhance your grade
  • Two months access to watch the lectures and review the problems as many times as you wish


Topics Covered in the Course
  • Functions of different keys
  • Basic Operations,Setup and Modes
  • Integral and derivatives
  • Number Bases
  • Equation
  • Complex Number
  • Matrix operations
  • Vector operations
  • Statistics and Probability
  • 30 step by step problems (videos)


  • The calculator tutorials were great. I found the tip for using the calculator to find the resultant forces extremely helpful."Jeremy.G"
  • The same exam was really useful to me as it was formulated like how the actual exam would be. It also helped me think outside the box as to apply the right concept on the problems. The calculator learning also helped me solved long problems in the exam within seconds. Overall, the materials I learned from you helped me pass the exam."Oleymatou.C"
30 step by step problems
FE Calculator OnDemand Training
( Casio Fx-115 Es Plus )
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